Sell More in English!

Arnold Kinesiska muren cartoon

Hi! I am Arnold Ahlstrom.

I am an expert at helping Chinese businessmen Speak Perfect English.

Most Chinese Companies have a Problem:

The English Language! Most English-speaking business-people from China pronounce English in a strange way! They pronounce it in a way that is hard to understand by other English-speaking people.

Chinese business-people often have a good English vocabulary.

But when they start speaking English – it’s very hard to understand. Therefore, billions of dollars are being lost by millions of companies – every day!

I will help you stop this money-bleeding – NOW!

I will make sure that you are understood by every English-speaking person in the world. Then you can successfully present your company and your great products to excited customers!

Millions of Chinese companies have great things to offer.

I will make you an expert at talking and selling to western people and companies – in a language they understand perfectly.