English Sales-Script


With a great sales script in hand, in English, the training can begin.

The expert teacher will practice the English script with the student, who strictly, (but with a lot of love, understanding, and compassion), will correct the salesperson, over and over again, as they repeatedly practice the sales script.

This is where the magic happens!

Even though the practicing is focused on a limited script, the fact that the salesperson is corrected, over and over again, will lead to what is known as a generalized understanding, which jumps from only the script into the language as a whole.

It’s just like putting your feet on ice.

Just your feet – but an invisible process starts changing the temperature of your entire body! A few inches of skin exposed, yet, the entire body cools down. Just a simple script, practiced over and over, and your entire language is affected.

A total focus on a limited text will lead to a rapid improvement of your spoken English.

This can only happen because the Chinese salesperson has mastered a large vocabulary before meeting online with the English-Sales expert in the first place.

With this English Sales-Script, we can prepare for success.

There are very few, if any, English-Sales trainers on the Chinese market at the moment. But there will be – when the Chinese companies learn that this is the fastest way to speaking perfect English, and to selling a lot more to English speaking customers.

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