Hello China!


Hi! I am Arnold Ahlstrom.

I will help you sell much more – if you let me!

Many Chinese businesspeople know many words in English. But when they start speaking – not many English-speaking people understand what they are saying. Therefore, billions of Dollars are being lost by millions of companies every year.

I will be your tutor! I will help you become understood by every English speaking person in the world. Then you can present your excellent company and your fantastic products to excited customers!

Millions of Chinese companies have great things to offer. But their salespeople do not know how to sell to people in the west.

I will be your expert! I know how to act and what to say to businessmen in the west. I have been training salespeople for many years, and made them very rich!

I will make you expert at selling to western companies, and to do it in a language they understand perfectly.

I will be your mentor online. I will give you my total attention during our sessions, making you very successful.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I have a Masters Degree in International Business. I have trained salespeople and business managers for 30 years.

Give me a few hours a week – and give me your trust – then I will help you open new doors to great success.

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