No Peeping-Toms Please!

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No Peeping-Toms, please!

Some things are quite intimate and should be enjoyed by two consenting individuals alone. The practicing  of English pronunciation is one of these things!

Just the fear of hearing others nervously laugh at your- sometimes bad- attempts makes it very difficult to dare speak out. The reason why they might laugh is that they see themselves in your shoes, knowing that most the time they cannot do it any better than you can!

So, being alone with your trainer is important, but not perfect!

Though it makes you feel safe to be alone with your mentor, knowing that there is no-one in the room who is ready, willing and (sometimes) able to do better than you to pronounce “hippopotamus”, something very important is lost when no-one else is present:

Each student learns faster by listening to other people’s mistakes!

Much faster! But why do Ping learn faster by listening to you try?

  • Before you have tried to pronounce something, Ping will have tried to do it himself, in his own mind. And as soon as Ping hears your attempt, he will react mentally to your response: If your attempt was (what he thinks) exactly like yours, he will be relieved (for even if you are wrong – at least he is not the only one being wrong!). If your attempt is (what he thinks) different from his – he will be worried (what if he is the only one who doesn’t get it!). This roller coaster of emotion is very important in learning anything new!
  • Then comes the mentor’s response! Had you been right? And most importantly for Ping: Had he been right? It is very important for any learner, not only of languages, to have many, many opportunities to feel good about themselves (and many, many opportunities to be corrected when wrong).

You need to be alone with your trainer – and you need to see how others are doing!

These both important needs seem to be like oil and water – they don’t seem to mix very well. But with my method they do! How?

Every private session is recorded on conference video and is made available to all my learners.

The videos are all anonymous – Nobody can see your face in the video! This way you can have this intimate time alone with your trainer, totally safe – while every other learner will be able to listen, and learn, from your successes and mistakes.

Chines learn best by listening to the mistakes of other Chinese – because they all make the same mistakes!

Being an audience to a Ukrainian, a Danish, or a French businessman, will not be very helpful for a Chinese businessman because they make totally different mistakes. So, you will listen to those who are like you, and also to the native level English by your trainer.

Before you know it your English pronunciation will be perfect!

Then you will be happy to have an audience to hear you speak English! You will call your audience “Customers”!

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