Business People from China are often not understood by outsiders when they speak English.  The best and fastest solution to this problem is to have a personal sales-language coach. I am one of the few!

I will help you – Online! Together with you, I will create an excellent sales script in English for your product. A sales script is a rehearsed spoken method for selling maximally. So, a good script is not just a script which is written in perfect English. It is also a script developed to be an effective selling tool, which will lead your customer exactly the way you want them to go.

There are cultural differences between China and the ”western” world when it comes to how to sell. This is why a linguist is not enough to help a Chinese salesman become a success. What they DO need is a linguist with perfect understanding and experience in “western” selling practices – A Sales-Linguist!

I am that Sales-Linguist! It will be very, very hard to find somebody else! With my help, you will sell like never before! Your company will make a lot more money!

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