The Way to Perfect English!

SPEAK English

A large vocabulary is only part of the way to perfect English.

Most salesmen/saleswomen in China who are hired to sell to countries in the “west” often have a pretty good written vocabulary. But the only people with whom they have practiced talking to are other Chinese people!

Therefore – the Chinese salespeople’s mistakes when speaking English are cemented.

The result of this is a language I call Chinglish – a language quite unlike English, actually. Written – it is fairly good English – but spoken not so!

Perhaps the Chinese salespeople think they are great at speaking English because they understand each other so well.

But their would-be customers might not understand anything of what they say! This is a very expensive problem!

But have no fear! I can help you with this problem!

Great Chinese companies, like yours, lose millions of customers and billions of Dollars because outsiders don’t understand their brand of English. You will win many new customers and make much more money when I help you stop speaking Chinglish and start speaking English.

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