The English Language Opens Doors!

i want you to speak english

The English Language opens up doors all around the world.

This is particularly true for Chinese people and businesses. There are millions of companies in China which makes and sells products that could sell very much more than they do today. But without the English language, many doors are shut and locked for these companies.

Selling requires communication between people.

And communication requires a common language, understood well by both parties.

Most Chinese people who have learned English do not speak it understandably.

Why? Because they have only learned it well in its written form. But  the English spoken by the Chinese is not English at all! I call it “Chinglish” (中文英语). It is not recognizable as English because the Chinese English learners have not practiced it enough on native English speakers. Will Give You Perfect English!

Our method will give those who have learned a lot of English – but who can’t yet speak it well enough to be understood by foreigners – a chance to quickly learn how to speak perfect English.

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