The Solution!


This is why you should use my services:

Most Chinese companies sell exclusively on price.

If your products/services are of high quality, why sell at the lowest possible price? The main reason why Chinese companies sell at the lowest price is that they don’t speak English good enough to argue the quality of your goods and services.

Western companies buy cheap from China.

Then they add their own brand name to the Chinese products and sell them a lot more expensive than they bought them.

When your businessmen speak good enough English your company can build their own international brand name.

With your own brand name, you can add a lot to your price. Let’s say that you could add 20% to your price – this would probably mean that you will more than double your profit on those products.

If you are successful in promoting your own brand names in the west, your domestic market, too, would be willing to pay much more for those products.

So – by speaking better English – and by knowing how to sell in the west – you will also make a lot more money on your Chinese market!

This is why you should use my services!

Nobody else has the excellent knowledge of English – combined with the best selling knowledge!

I am more expensive than most! Why hire me?

Because your businessmen will sell a lot more, at a lot higher price, than you have done before.

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