You Will Sell Much More!


If you are selling to English-Speakers – You can sell much more! I will make sure you do. Selling is like acting on Broadway, and you play the leading part.

Do you play your part goodly or badly? Do you even have a script? Only a foolish director would let an actor up on stage without a rehearsed script.

Not anyone can write a successful script to any audience. When it comes to script-writing for the western world – nobody does it better than I do! What I write is not a comedy. It’s not a tragedy. It’s a selledy!

You, the actor, will have to practice and rehearse until you are ready for the opening night. This is particularly true if you are to do the acting in a language which isn’t your own native language.

I will coach you – online – until you are a true professional.

You will become the hero of your family, of your company, and of your community.

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